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Live Black Eyed Peas - Latin girls

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The title comes from the album : Elephunk

Elephunk Cover Elephunk
Hands Up Labor Day (It's a Holiday) Let's Get Retarded Hey Mama Shut Up Smells Like Funk Latin Girls Sexy Fly Away The Boogie That Be The Elephunk Theme - No music video The APL Song Anxiety (feat. Papa Roach) - No music video Where Is the Love / Third Eye - No music video

Lyrics of Latin Girls

Mira mira mira mira mira.... x3
Mira mira yo quiero

[Refrain] :
Cuban girls, Cuban girls, I like them
Puerto Rican girls, Puerto Rican girls, yo quiero
Mexican girls, mexican girls, yo quiero
Spanish girls, spanish girls, I like them
Girls, Girls, latin girls
Latin girls, latin girls
Latin girls, what's happenin' girls?
What's happenin' girl? what's happenin?

I like latin them latin women (I do)
And they love me cause I'm that man
With coco nuts and chocolate skin
I'm that mocha masculine
Feminines that are Latin call ya friends
And call your cousins cause I know you got dozens of them
Marias, Elizabeths, Sonyas and Blancas
When I see ya you can get boned if ya want to
Yo quiero and I'm sincero
If you never had an ichi let me be your primero
We can hit the channel we can dance the bolero
Have a shopping spree and you can spend my dinero
I wish you was more like J-Lo
(my love don't cost) Cause love don't cost a thing
So why don't you let this king love the queen of Argentin
Girl you know I know you know what I mean
Cause I like them


Que un da
Que quieres con mi
Mira muchacha esta es para ti
Latina chicana por mi
Mas finas me gusta me a si
Mira ah, mira ah, mira ah, mami
Esperate, esperate, esperate aqui
We could connect and act humanly
Indulge in animal instincts so we...
We could have conversation or...
Sexual relation or...
We could explore find out more
About things that we done before
Whether it be kinky thoughts
I'm a make your chonies drop
Watch as this shorty rock
I'll make your trick drop
They call me cum a lot
I like hem


Latin girls, latin girls' x2

Que pasa senorita
You've a bronze skin mama
Me, a mama's son I wanna take you to Havana
We could get down every day of the semana
Dance to the music and follow the guitarra

(Clap, clap, clap, come on)

Dame un momento quelo vuelvo como peso
Take you to Phillipines then you don't have to spend a peso

We got connection like a novel to Aurida
I can relate cause latin girls look Phillipina
Check your history there's no mystery between us
Destiny made it possible to be us
I know about your culture cause it's mixed with mine
we go together well just like
Beats and rhymes and
Tequilas and limes and
Celeste with pine and
I'll say one more time
I like them


I like hem
Yo quiero'
Yo quiero'
I like hem

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