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Music Clip - I sho will
Lil Wyte

Pix Clip - I Got Dat Candy
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Pix Clip - Drinking Song
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Music Clip - Oxy Cotton
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Pix Clip - I Rep Mine
Photo Music Clip Oxy Cotton

Music Clip Lil Wyte - Oxy Cotton

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The title comes from the album : The Bad Influence

The Bad Influence Cover The Bad Influence
Some Other Shit - No music video All Stops - No music video I Say Yes Leanin' Off Dat Yurple One Lil Pill I Rep Mine I'm Da Bad Influence - No music video Oxy Cotton Supply & Demand George Bush Get Gone - No music video So Called Homies That's What It Is - No music video Maria - No music video Outro - No music video

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