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MarkGill - 22 June 2014 at 15h17 on Music video Rick Ross

Good music!!!!!!!

Rick Ross

Ezwalker - 20 June 2014 at 18h00 on Music video Level 42

Just great!

Level 42

9875321 - 20 June 2014 at 17h54 on Music video Lee Seunggi

It's so great song

Lee Seunggi

9875321 - 20 June 2014 at 17h53 on Music video Lee Seunggi

i really Love Lee Seung Gi Oppa

Lee Seunggi

Mike2467 - 17 June 2014 at 19h45 on Music video The Moody Blues

IRAQ, Afghanistan, EGYPT, KENYA. We seem to be " In A Lost World". Have we forgotten we are all children. I woke today, I was crying Lost in a lost world So many people are dying Lost in a lost world Some of them are living an illusion Bounded by the darkness of their minds In their eyes it's nation, against nation, against nation With racial pride Sounds... Thinking only of themselves They shun the light (shun the light) They think they're right (think they're right) Living in their empty shells Oh, can you see their bodies thrashing (so many people, so many people) Crashing down around their feet Angry people in the street Telling them they've had their fill Of politics, people who kill Grow... the seed of evolution (so many people, so many people) Revolution everyone It's just another form of gun To do again what they have done Let all our brothers come and get some (so many people

The Moody Blues

Realestateman - 12 June 2014 at 17h15 on Music video The Emperor Machine

Great song can't seem to get all the words wish there was somewhere to get the lyrics

The Emperor Machine

Puppee55 - 09 June 2014 at 22h37 on Music video Mother Love Bone

I can think of this song and get chills, can u ever hear it enough ?? ❤️ BONE

Mother Love Bone

Flossie - 09 June 2014 at 03h04 on Music video Brigantony

I would love to find the lyrics to Brigantony's " Paparedda do me cori It was my Husband and daughter's favourite song. My husband passed away last year and I would like to have the lyrics framed for her. Thank you Florence


Drkhan - 06 June 2014 at 18h56 on Music video Deadmau5

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3124135748 - 04 June 2014 at 00h16 on Music video One Direction

i love you harry

One Direction

Chrisstack1 - 02 June 2014 at 16h08 on Music video Chris Stack

#gmfb GODmusic is the movent ya know how im rocking man

Chris Stack

Mikael9 - 02 June 2014 at 06h18 on Music video Sister Sledge

Love this song, however, just like the song "Cream of the Crops"; its difficult to decipher part of the chorus, Assistance with this will be appreciated.

Sister Sledge