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Music Clip Miley Cyrus - As i am

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Lyrics of As I Am

Gonna stay in bed today
'Cause I can't stand the light
Don't know why I get so down

I won't be much fun tonight
And I can't believe
You still wanna hang around
It's not so pretty all the time
You don't mind
To you it's alright

As I am is how you take me
Never try to push
Or make me different
When I talk you listen to me
As I am ishow you want me
I know I've found the pieces that missing
I looking at him

I'm not the girl you think yo see
But maybe that's a lie
You almost know me better than
Me,myself and I

Don't know a lot of things
But I know what I got
It's not so perfect everyday
I don't have to try
'Cause it all falls into place


Face to face
Eye to eye
You're standing there
Feels good on the inside
I on't mind
I don' care
You're standing there
Seein' for the first time


Found the pieces that's missing
Take me as I am
When I talk you listen
Take me as I am
Find the pieces that's missing
Take me as I am
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