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Pix Clip Prince - Uptown

Tarbaby808 - 06 May 2013 at 05h04 on Music video Prince - Uptown

I looooooooove this song ! whoa !


The title comes from the album : Ultimate

Ultimate Cover Ultimate
I wanna be your lover Uptown Controversy 1999 Delirious When doves cry I would die 4 U Purple rain Sign the times I could never take the... Alphabet St Diamonds and pearls Get off Money don't matter 2... 7 Nothing compares 2 U My name is Prince Let's go crazy (special... - No music video Little red Corvette... Let's work (dance remix) - No music video Pop life (fresh dance... She's always in my hair... - No music video Raspberry beret (12"... Kiss (extended version) - No music video U got the look (long... - No music video Hot thing (extended... - No music video Thieves in the temple... Cream (N.P.G. Mix) - No music video