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Tabethya on Music video Prince - Pink cashmere

Some days I can't breathe I miss him so much. Part of me is dead too! I loved him all my life. RIP my beautiful Prince. . Tabetha McCain-Wallace

Sheknows on Music video Prince - Forever in My Life

This song was written for Judit a private non celebrity girlfriend and fiancé .. She was invited to this concert and in the album recording Prince put her first name in it. In the German concert she is yelling out of the crowd :Yes alright! In the video she was behind the camera and Prince said come closer and asking her isn't it beautiful" the ring in the window". Also in the video a blonde hair lady walking up to stage basically she represent Judit but she wasn't her just an act on stage. She stayed with the concert crowd. She is the same lady in the 1987 New Years eve concert video by the stage when Prince sang ;If I was your girlfriend. She was also in the Kiss video second dancer under cover. Prince mention her name in many more songs! He wrote his first album For You for her and his last album mention her clearly in Stare and any songs he use the nick name Sugar , Judy,Judit,Jutk

Sandman3288 on Music video Prince - The place of your man

Omg!!!!! He just murdered that guitar!!!!!!!

Timmy on Music video Eminem - Puke

favirite artist

Cherizbaby on Music video Prince - The one

I love this video. I remembered BET had to show it again back to back due to high demand.